Skill Up-gradation Workshop on Block Printing

Venue: Very Special Arts India, New Delhi
(May 06, 2013)

SETU organized a skill up-gradation workshop on block printing at our partner artisan group called ‘Very Special Arts India’ on 6th May 2013.

VSAI is one of SETU’s partner artisans working with the disabled and underprivileged young population of India. They use art & craft for skill development of people with special needs and also help them in gaining financial independence.

As part of their vocational and revenue generation streams, they are producing many products with hand block printing. However, they have been struggling with quality and production issues. Therefore, the workshop was organized for their overall skill up-gradation with respect to block printing.

SETU team of trainers consisted of four experts, each of whom specialized in different fields of block printing.

They interacted with the artisans and tried to assess the procedures they were following. After studying their problems, they conducted the workshop and tried to cover all the necessary details. Accordingly, following main points were covered:

• Technology up gradation in terms of machines, tools and accessories.

• Color mixing procedures and use of essential binders

• Dye color fixation and color fastness

• Techniques of multicolor printing

• Correct procedures for curing and drying the fabric

• Technique of printing metallic colors

• Donation of wooden blocks for adding new and latest print designs

The anatomy of wooden block and the correct block placement techniques on fabric were covered in detail. SETU also provided them with many new wooden blocks, free of cost.

In all, the workshop was a great success. VSAI artisans have requested us to organize more such workshops in future.