Skill Up-gradation & Training Workshop on Batik hand printing for the underprivileged women artisans of Bhuj..

With an objective of upgrading the skills of artisans, specially underprivileged women, so as to enable them earn sustainable livelihood for themselves, a workshop for a duration of one month is being conducted by SETU, starting from 15th of july 2016 at Mandavi Bhuj. The beneficiaries of the training Programme are women artisans engaged in making Bandhani crafts . These artisans are local craftsmen based in Bhuj and are associated with our partner NGO VRDI . SETU is associated with them for the past many years.

The workshop was organised on the request of the artisan group as they expressed their desire to learn batik hand printing, thus making them proficient in bandhani as well as batik craft form. They are facing challenges in earning livelihood as there is too much competition in bandhani field….with more availability and less demand of bandhani artisans. This move will help the artisans to find new avenues of employment and will consequently increase the overall family income and sustainable livelihood opportunities.

An Expert trainer was appointed to conduct the training classes. Highlights of the Training Program are provided below:

• On the inaugural day of the session, the history and importance of Batik Printing was discussed.
• Information was provided about the preparatory material required for Batik Printing.
• The process of printing ; How to prepare the printing table and color tray, process of color Mixing, correctly holding the brush and needle is a part of the Training curriculum. How to heat & cool the wax properly, the ins & outs of batik printing etc will be covered in details.
• Procedure after the batik printing: fastening the colors i.e, giving steam to the fabric is also being discussed.

For the workshop, 11 trainees have been registered for a period of one month. To motivate the artisans and to increase participation, a monthly stipend is also being provided to the women artisans. All the raw materials & tools like fabric, wax, brushes, heaters etc are also being sponsored by SETU.