SETU Training Centre for underprivileged women artisans

SETU has been working towards the development of skill sets among the women artisans, thus empowering them to create a sustainable and dignified living for themselves. With this objective, a training center was started in the urban slum areas of Jaipur on 17th of October 2018.

The objective of starting the center in the slum area came out of the idea that majority of the women reside here and having the center in the vicinity makes it convenient for them to participate.

It is a multi-skill center, with expert trainers being appointed for the various craft forms, who conduct the training sessions daily. Women are currently being trained in following skills at the center:

• paper bag making
• tailoring
• braiding
• basket making

In addition to above, capacity building is being focused upon. The basics of cost setting, market readiness & accounting are also part of the training.

Various machines have also been provided as per the need.

The women artisans here are either illiterate or barely educated to the basic level . Being devoid of education and any proper knowledge of craft form or some other skills, they are economically very weak. They belong to male-dominated conservative families & do not have any exposure level or permission to go out in search for jobs. The locality lack opportunities of safe/dignified working opportunities. Majority of them have either one or no earning member in the family and thus are in urgent need for work. A lot of women kept approaching SETU for livelihood & financial help. And so SETU decided to open a permanent training centre for these women in their vicinity itself so that women can easily come & go there at ease & as per their convenience….

The center not only provides training to the women but also acts as a manufacturing hub for them. When they become proficient in the skills, they can make their own products with the trainers’ help for selling & income generation. All trainings & facilities are completely free of cost.

The ultimate aim is to make these women entrepreneurs & self-sustainable… They have been organized into Self-Help Groups to operate in an organized & united structure for the long term. SETU will also help them provide marketing platform so that will not have to wander in search of market & livelihood….

There is also a small play area where they keep an eye on the small children dependent on them….Various workshops are also conducted to motivate them & make them aware on need & means of Women Empowerment….

More & more women are joining the centre & registering their presence. Till now around 30 women have become part of the center and are receiving training.. The number and smiles of sustainable independent women are increasing with each passing day..