Save the girl Child

Save the girl Child (November 27, 2011)
Venue: HFWTC,Gwalior

‘Child Right Observatory’ Bhopal (M.P.) organized a seminar on ‘Save the Girl Child’. The seminar was held at HFWTC,Gwalior, with the help of 15 supportive welfare societies, and SETU was one of the participatory members of the seminar. The members talked about an essential problem existing in the populace, the seminar enlighten the newly wed couples about the evil practices prevailing in the society in reference to female feticides & infanticide.

Conversation also included Gender Equality & other related issues. At the end lag of the whole seminar, the results seemed fruitful as the attendees took a pledge that they will make sure that will do their best to put a halt to this ill will in their surroundings and shall spread the word of wisdom in their vicinity and locality.