Quality Improvement Workshop at Tilonia

Venue: Tilonia, Rajasthan
(July 19, 2012)

SETU conducted a workshop with the artisans in village Tilonia to address the quality issues that the artisans were facing from quite some time.

The artisans make beddings & other home decor products for us. So SETU organized a Quality Improvement Workshop for them. Ms. Raj Kanwar & Ms. Ganeshi Bai (senior quality checkers), Ms. Kailash Kanwar & Mr. Kanha Ram (Master tailor/ cutters), supervisors, women tailors and some other staff members participated in the workshop. About 30-35 women work from their homes for stitching.

They were quite open to understanding the defects pointed out & assured to focus on improving the same. The main problems pointed out were finishing after stitching, removing extra threads, proper cutting of eyelets, placement of buttons with respect to eyelets etc. straight stitching lines, double/firm stitching at relevant places etc. Size variation was also discussed. They were made aware of the importance of these.

They too shared their problems such as: around 20-25% tailors changes regularly and this creates problem. Though they are pre-trained but still there is scope of errors as refinement comes with longer experience. The size variations are sometimes due to printing also. They cannot reduce or enlarge the sizes as the printed area has borders and that remains fixed.