Providing machinery support to the jewelry making artisans, thus increasing their productivity & quality..

The craftsmanship of Indian artisans in making beautiful pieces of jewelry is acknowledged worldwide. Also, because Indian men and women are so fond of adorning themselves with ornaments which makes the art of jewelry designing and producing, our forte. The artisans engaged in the production of silver jewelry belong majorly to west Bengal. With the changing scenario in modern times, these people are forced to migrate to other urban cities in search of more lucrative & sustainable jobs. Many such migrated artisans can be found in cities like Jaipur, who could not find dignified livelihood options & are struggling to practice this art, competing with large production & export factories and feeling quite exploited & left-out in the market scenario…

We are working with one such talented artisan group. These artisans hail originally from West Bengal and are associated with us for the past four years. The artisan group excels in their craftsmanship and can make beautiful jewelry items, but still cannot compete in the market due to lack of adequate machinery required for finishing of the jewelry. They have to get the jobs out-sourced which consume a lot of time, energy & expense, besides decreasing productivity. Last year also, SETU/Kallista group had sponsored many machines to these artisans for facilitating good quality production:

• Ultrasonic vibrating machine for shining of the jewelry pieces
• Steam Cleaning Machine for finishing

Overwhelmed with the results, the artisans requested us for more range of machinery required for further finishing of silver jewelry. After detailed discussion artisans, we have installed the machine at the workplace and are planning for more such endeavors.. 🙂
After using the machines, time consumed in the process has positively decreased and the productivity & quality has increased manifold.. 🙂

Steam cleaning machine for finishing of jewelry items sponsored by SETU..