Providing Infrastructural support to the wood carving artisans..

With an objective to support the underprivileged artisan groups by providing them with required infrastructure & reduce artisan drudgery, SETU team had visited its wood carving artisan group based inU.P. in April 2018.

Upon interacting with artisans & assessing the work place, it was found that artisans lacked the basic infrastructure like work shed, machinery & tools & even a storage place to safekeep the finished products. They had to work in open, without adequate tools & their finished goods were prone to damage by weather conditions. They even lacked power supply connections.

Setu team had noted down all the requirements of the artisans and assured them of full support. A total list of requirement & budget were planned. It was decided to reconstruct & renovate an existing room which could be used as a work shed as well as storage space.

The repair work started soon after the last visit and has been completed majorly. Electricity connection has also been established in the building. Now, the rooms are more spacious & in much better shape! A lot of machinery like cutter machines, pulleys, motors & shafts have been purchased. These are being happily used by artisans to do the designing and carving of the products.. 🙂

Workplace pictures in 2018 before the renovation work and in 2019 after the repairing work has been done..