Providing Infrastructural aid to the copper Bell Making artisans in Kutch..

In addition to the socio-economic aspects, SETU also strives to ensure healthy & comfortable working conditions for the artisans. A lot of artisans still endure harsh working conditions due to lack of suitable resources and infrastructure. With our process of need identification, regular visits and continuous interaction with artisans, SETU tries to identify such deficiencies and initiate suitable projects. And thus, during one of our team’s visit to Kutch, it was observed that some of the bell making artisans have to work in the open, with no roof or shade over them.

SETU is associated with the bell making artisans since past many years. Earlier, to ensure health and safety of these artisans, SETU had provided them masks, gloves and various other safety equipments, including technically upgraded furnaces. These furnaces not only ease the process but also protect the artisans from the heat & fumes arising during the process of curing the bells.

In the scenario of deprived working, artisans work under open area with no shade. This poses problems, as they have to face heat in summers and rains in the monsoon season. Realizing this, SETU has sponsored sheds/shacks for the needy artisans. Currently, 15 artisan families will be provided with such sheds..