Providing Infrastructural aid to Jewellery making Artisan Group…

SETU works with a number of artisan groups based in diverse parts of the country. Many of the artisans working in these groups come from lower income strata of the society and need help and support in a range of issues related to their work and family.
One such artisan group, based in Wazirabad, is working with us for the last five years. The female artisans are skilled in doing beautiful embroidery work, creating ornaments, jewelry, painting, sewing etc. However, the male artisans do the heavy duty work with metals and metallic surfaces.

The artisans are very much skilled and dedicated to their work but in the name of work area, they had a single hall where all the processes were carried out. Even the single hall was not in a good shape due to leakages, water seepage, moldy walls, falling plaster, with most of the chairs and tables worn out and infested by termites. Also, there was no separate space for the female folk to work because of which they felt a bit uncomfortable working with the male artisans. The community is ethnically traditional and so men & women prefer to work separately.

SETU considered the scenario and offered to sponsor the renovation work so that the artisans can work in a safe & comfortable environment. Finally, the work space was renovated and a separate packing room was built by making a partition in the hall. The women artisans can also now work comfortably in a separate room..  Also, the termite infested tables and chairs were painted with termite resistant paint so they can be used for work.. 🙂

Poor work space and deteriorating walls before renovation..