Providing a tech savvy future to artisans’ children

Venue: Ana Art, New Delhi

Fair Trade has brought significant positive changes in the living standards of artisans. Over the years, with the help of Fair Trade policies like fair wages, advance payments, gender equality, no child labor, etc. artisans are able to carve a decent living for themselves and their families.

And this despite of the fact that majority of the artisans had poor education… but even in the absence of a proper educational background they are respectfully supporting their families, thanks to Fair Trade!! Now, children of almost all the artisans are receiving good education and are learning art in the spare time.

Considering the above facts it appears that much has been done in the sensitive issue of artisan development but… a lot more still needs to be done. One such area of concern is making artisan’s computer savvy as it’s the need of the hour.

We all know that in today’s times being computer literate is as important as being functionally literate!! This not only is required for the personal development of artisans but is also necessary for the growth of their businesses. Also, it provides the artisans with a global platform and makes them aware of the latest designs and trends in the market place.

With this view, SETU sponsored computers to our jewelry making group. These computers are meant to be used by the children of the artisan community in order to expose them to the digital learning techniques.

The initial response to the endeavor looks great as the entire artisan community is getting benefited by using the newly installed computers. Not only children, but artisans are also very excited to learn computers, as now their work can become somewhat easier and they will be able to access the latest information related to crafts. We hope to do more such ventures in future!!