National Awareness for Plantation Campaign 2011-2012

Venue: Vikrampur Vilage, Gwalior
(March 12, 2012)

SETU organized a campaign on “National Awareness for plantation & Importance of saving the Trees/ Forests” at ‘Vikrampur’, a local village near the city, in association with EPCO.

The event was set up with an objective to enlighten the local population about global warming, how important the trees are to us, the actual ways of plantation along with the conduct in which they can be taken care of & can be retained for a longer time.

The following pointers were discussed with the participants in detail:

1)     Plantationof more and more trees can be a solution to Global warming.

2)      Gardening can be also done at a smaller scale to initiate. It ranges in scale from fruit orchards, to long boulevard plantings.

3)      Plantation (gardening) can be a way not only to promote greenery but it can also be a way to earn living, by growing seasonal vegetation or fruits perhaps and selling it in vegetable markets or ‘Sabzi Mandis’

4)      Simple steps to be followed before, during and after the plantation :

  • Proper knowledge is required for planting a particular tree (including knowledge of particular tree, type of environment required, season etc)
  • Soil tests are required to be done, to know the type and quality of soil and the type of plantation suitable for that soil.
  • Right amount of water, fertilizers requirement is equally important.
  • The plantation shall be done at evening hours depending on various factors, as daytime temperatures may harm the plant.
  • The plantation of small plants and trees shall be done at certain distance to avoid damaging the roots.
  • Trimming of a plant is also important.
  • Extracting unwanted weeds around the plants and trees as they may harm the growth
  • If the plants are bending on one side, one may take care of it by tying it with a stick.
  • Save the trees from pesticides and insecticides by putting required chemicals or organic substitutes without harming the plants.
  • Save the trees from extreme sun by making small huts (Green house plantation)
  • To avoid animals to eat the plants, put tree guards wherever required.
  • Regular maintenances are required up till two years.

5)      Children’s contribution towards the plantation:

  • Trees are being cut for many reasons one of them is making papers, pencils and erasers etc, Children to try to save on these i.e. avoid wastage .
  • Recycling of paper, so that it can be used in for various purposes.
  • School participation with guidance from teachers can also be fruitful
  • Maintaining kitchen gardens

6)      Keeping the outer surroundings & water bodies clean and pollution free.

7)      Using of paper bags instead of poly bags.

8)      Recycle & reuse of water, where possible.

9)       Disposal of wastes into degradable (organic wastes) and non degradable for recycling.

For plantation, SETU distributed plants like Mango, Jack tree (Kathal), Manilkara zapota (Chikoo) trees etc, among the participants.Plantationdemonstrations were given to the crowd along with tips to maintain them for long term sustainability. Pamphlets/flyers were also distributed which covered all the related information. The reaction from the participants seemed positive and enthusiastic. They also contributed with more ideas of their own to address the issue.