Livelihood generation workshop for women (30th July 2013)

(30th July 2013)

SETU Society is actively working to provide livelihood alternatives to the underprivileged and downtrodden sections of the society. In one such endeavor, a training workshop was organized for the women residents of the urban slums at Govind Nagar , Jaipur (Rajasthan). The women folks here come from low income groups and are not educated enough to get decent jobs to support their families.

Upon interaction with them, SETU team realized that these women are eager to learn some livelihood skills so that they too can have their say in the family income. What they lacked was some good training, guidance and motivation.

Therefore, with the basic motive to inculcate livelihood skills in the women residents of Govind Nagar slums, SETU organized a one day training program. SETU Society’s social welfare Manager, Designers and other team members presided over the workshop. In the session, women learnt the art of making trendy fashion jewelry from recycled fabrics. In addition to jewelry, women also learnt to make colorful hair bands and rubber bands.

Aims and Objectives of the Training Program:

• To help women learn livelihood skills.
• To educate women about the current market trends and make them aware of the customers’ taste and demands in the present scenario so that with the knowledge they too can make products and sell them on their own in the market.
• To empower women rather than letting them be the weak and dependent section of society, as is commonly the case among the underprivileged and downtrodden sections of society. Enabling them to become independent both financially and emotionally.
• Build self-confidence in women.

About 21 women participated in the workshop!
Periodic follow ups & interactions are being done to provide them all necessary support. A lot of women are creating beautiful products which are being purchased by SETU.