Literacy Programme for the uneducated women artisans… (SETU’s 6th literacy centre,Another women empowerment initiative..)

With the objective to increase literacy rate amongst the artisan community, specifically the women artisans, literacy programmes are being continuously designed and implemented by SETU Society.

In the series, Literacy classes were organised for the uneducated women artisans of Govind Garh, Rajasthan. This is a small village, about 60 kms from Jaipur. This is the 6th literacy program that has been organized by SETU. ( 5 such earlier programs have successfully completed their span of 1 to 2 years). To support the family income, women of the community make miscellaneous decorative & embellishment products, as well as do Kantha embroidery for SETU, after being trained by the SETU team.. This helps in generating some extra income for the underprivileged low income families of that area..

The idea of starting Literacy classes at Govind Garh, surfaced from the repeated requests made by the artisan community who are eager to learn.

After the initial groundwork for conducting the classes, like setting up infrastructure for the programme, arranging teaching material and finding eligible tutors, classes started on 24th of September 2017 and are successfully running since then. The teaching session is held daily for one hour in which women artisans register their presence wholeheartedly. The programme has started on a good note as on the first day itself, 12 women artisans attended the classes.

Illiterate women in the age group of 23 to 35 years are showing interest in the programme. All study material like books, copies, charts, stationary & tutor fee etc are being sponsored by SETU.