International Women’s Day at SETU In 2018

On the occasion of International Women’s Day, SETU organized a five-days’ workshop on Product Design and Skill upgradation for women artisans at Chohtan village near Barmer, Rajasthan. The workshop was conducted from 8th March to 13th March, in association with our partner artisan group SURE . A total of 40 women from the nearby villages of Navatala, Binjrad and Bidhani attended the session held in the Chohtan campus.

started with a discussion on the status of women in our society in the present times and how it has changed and improved over the years. Women folk were also made aware of their legal rights in property as well as domestic matters. They were updated about the many provisions in Indian Constitution regarding equal rights of women vis-à-vis men.

The importance of education in today’s fast moving times of computers and innovative technology was specially emphasized. It was explained how essential it is for women to be educated so that they do not lag behind in the changing times.

In the 5-day workshop, women were trained in Tailoring and Designing skills like cutting, tracing, appliqué and embroidery. The participants were provided with all the necessary raw materials like fabric, needles and threads required for the craft work.

The women artisans were very happy to attend the workshop as they learnt new set of skills.. 🙂 Most participants were from the younger generation, indicating the inclination of the newer generations to learn & practise the craft & be independent!!!.

The artisans also shared feedback about the lanterns which were provided to them earlier by SETU. A total of 100 solar lanterns were distributed for free to the artisan families of this region with the help of which they could work at night .The lanterns had also helped the children to study after dark.. 🙂 🙂 The Government in the region has now made electrical connections accessible to many houses & the need for solar lamps has reduced, but the power cuts are still prevalent for long durations & thus, solar lanterns are still indispensible for them.