International Women’s Day 2020

Even though SETU strives every day to empower women, we love to celebrate International Women’s day! And so, on the occasion of this day, SETU organized a two-day Workshop on Skill & Quality Upgradation for the women artisans of one of our partner artisan groups, V.R.D.I. Trust in Kutch.

The group is engaged in making fine quality gloves and masks, hand-tailored out of cotton fabric. These are supplied to many chemical factories in Gujarat. They sometimes are able to produce and sell about 60,000-65,000 pcs each of the masks & gloves per month. This is a very good volume and an important project for the women to earn a dignified livelihood. However, to maintain this, it is important to ensure that quality & quantity are maintained at the required levels. They need to produce more, involve more & women, but, without compromising on quality! A strong need was felt to make the women aware of the importance of these aspects. Therefore, this 2-day workshop was organized in the rural areas of Bileswar & Varajadi in Mandavi District. The women’s day workshop this year saw a participation of more than 130 women artisans, divided into groups of 65+ each. The participants were given product design and quality-related knowledge by experts. Insights on the latest product trends in the market were also provided.

In today’s times it is very important for women to be financially independent so that they can support their families and take better decisions for their families. The artisans of V.R.D.I. Trust are a good example of self-sustainability amongst women artisans. We, at SETU, always try to support & empower women in holistic ways and on the occasion of women’s day, we express our gratitude to all the strong women working with us and who have made us proud by giving their best every day despite various hardships.

Salute to the Women Power!!!