International Labor Day celebrations by SETU

Venue: Malviya Nagar Industrial Area, Jaipur
(May 1, 2012)

SETU conducted an awareness program for the unorganised labor in Malviya Nagar Industrial Area, Jaipur on the occasion of International Labor Day. In India, first day of May is acknowledged as `Labour Day’. Mr.Singaravelan started it in Chennai from 1st May 1923. It is an annual celebration acknowledging the accomplishments of workers. This day marked the beginning of holiday in many commercial and industrial institutions and determination of maximum 8 working hours for labor was launched. In all, this occasion is celebrated simultaneously in 80 countries, including India.

SETU President Mr. Devendra Dhariwal led the program, along with his Team and social worker Mr. Sachin Bhargava. They discussed many topics including social awareness about women’s issues and the ill-effects of child labor. Special emphasis was laid on importance of child education & elimination of child labor.

The day began with society workers throwing light on the history of Labor Day. In addition to information about rights and duties of the Workers, the program laid emphasis on child education, and introduced the importance of reading to men, women and children.

SETU workers had very interactive discussions with children and distributed educational materials like slate, chalk, copy, pencils etc. to motivate them for education. Sweets were also distributed to the kids to encourage participation.