International Day of persons with Disability

International Day of persons with Disability (December 3, 2011)
Venue: SNEHALAYA- A Home with Love, Gwalior

SETU organized a workshop at ‘Snehalaya- A home with love’ on “International Day of Persons with Disability”.

Snehalaya is an orphanage cum care home for disabled and destitute children & adolescents with disorders or syndromes like Cerebral palsy, Tuber sclerosis, psoriasis, epilepsy and AIDS. The total strength of such children is sixty-three with mixed age groups. Snehalaya also runs a regular school for the poor children of the local vicinity with more emphasis on girl child education.

The workshop involved `painting’ as a therapeutic activity for these children. The regular kids also took part in the activities. The main motive of SETU behind organizing the whole event was to experience & interact with children, give them little happiness by spending time with them and pore over the problems that they undergo, so that we can be of help in any way they might necessitate in future. They were provided with sheets, painting colors and fresh vegetables cut into various shapes so that they could be used as blocks. The kids took part in the activities with a lot of enthusiasm, as for them block painting with vegetables was completely new; with this they learned new shapes, designs and colors. Students from the Nursing College of the city volunteered and helped us in conducting the competition. Various sweets, chips & Fruits were distributed among them at the end of the event.

Snehalaya on the other hand organized a small cultural program in the honor of SETU. In this event, kids suffering with Down Syndrome & Hepatitis- B with speech difficulties and CP with knee & ankle deformities gave an astonishing performance by dancing on the tunes of Bollywood film songs. It was heartening to see the kids so happy and the smile on their faces was simply precious.