Interactive workshop on Importance of Self-Reliance for women…
On the occasion of International Women’s Day…

Place: Sanjay Nagar Slum area, Jaipur
Date: 8th March, 2024

Self-reliance is crucial for women, both for their economic as well as social empowerment. It enables them to break free from traditional gender roles and gives them confidence & power to resist gender-based violence, prioritize their health, focus on education and careers. Self-reliance is the key to achieve gender-equitable & inclusive society. It helps women to take charge of their own lives & meaningful decisions for their family, thus empowering their future generations also. It contributes to cultural transformation of the society as a whole.

And so, on the occasion of International Women’s Day, SETU organized an interactive workshop for women artisans at SETU’s community centre for women. This Centre is a “learn-earn” based initiative for women of the Sanjay Nagar slum area of Jaipur, where women are taught various types of skills, computer literacy etc, along with employment opportunities. The main motive was to create awareness & encourage women to speak up about the topic of “Importance of self-reliance for women”. It was very inspiring to note how the women shared their thoughts about being self-reliant, their experiences & journeys towards being independent. Many women shared the hardships & struggles they had to go through within their male-dominant communities to achieve their standing. These women also became role models and encouraged many other similar women to stand up to their rights & worth. Their stories were quite inspirational and we salute the real strength & power within these women. Overall, the session was very interesting and motivational for all.

About 51 women participated in the workshop. 300 packets of sanitary napkins & snacks were distributed amongst them to encourage participation and make the program more interesting.

We hope to conduct more such meaningful workshops for women 😊