Infrastructure support: A SETU initiative to help the wood carvers

SETU strives to help our partner artisan groups by providing required infrastructural and skill related guidance and support whenever needed. One of our partner artisan groups in Hapur, engaged in making beautiful wooden boxes & blocks carved with intricate and delicate designs. The group lacked the necessary infrastructure and was therefore unable to compete in market, in terms of cost & productivity.

For even basic processes, artisans had to travel faraway places and this consumed a lot of time and energy. All processes were manual and involved unnecessary slogging. They also lacked a work shed and were forced to work in open, braving heat & rain. They were not able to make the desired designs and sometimes too much delays, even leading to the cancellation of their orders. The group requested our team to help them in overcoming the infrastructural issues. And so, since last 2 years, SETU has been gradually building up infrastructure for these artisans in phases. In the first phase, a basic work shed was built and necessary pulleys and shafts were purchased & installed.

In the final phase, in January-20, more machinery & equipment was purchased to run things smoothly. Two rooms were built and plaster done on walls. The crevices in walls and ceiling were fixed. The artisans can now make intricate shapes and designs and complete all finishing processes in house. Their productivity and intricacy of work has increased many fold.

Pictures of the workplace after the infrastructural aid..

After phase one…                                After Phase two..

The artisans thanked SETU team for all the support and said that they are now working with ease and the productivity has also increased.. 🙂 🙂

Happy artisans working with the new equipment.. 🙂


Beautiful intricate Designs made by the Artisans..