Illuminating lives of Paper mache artisans of Kashmir..
Installation of solar Battery backup for the artisans..

In the scenic landscape of Kashmir, one of the traditional craft forms practiced widely is Papermache, that comprises of making beautiful and functional products by recycling of paper. The craft form is the sole source of income for many of the artisan families in the valley.

As known to all, the region recently faced devastation caused by the floods in the past months and is trying to recover from the aftermath. But the damage done is huge and artisans would take time to fully recuperate. The Indian government is not leaving any stone unturned in helping the people to recover their losses but it may take ages to get over the trauma of personal and human losses.

As a result of the floods, the paper machie’ artisans were badly hit and are still facing many difficulties while working, one of them being shortage of electricity. There are indefinite power cuts and many of the localities are still cut off from the power supply after the floods. In the absence of electricity, artisans are not able to carry out their work. SETU’s partner artisans in the valley informed us of their plight. And so SETU sponsored them Solar Battery powered large Inverter and Flash Light so that their life becomes easier.

Now the artisans do not have to suffer due to lack of light and are thus able to produce products for their sustainable livelihood.