Helping traditional artisans grow..

In the vicinity of about 50 kms around Jaipur, there are lots of artisan families engaged in various traditional crafts, which are also their sole means of livelihood. Lack of exposure, stagnancy in their designs & product range and lack of market opportunities is leading these artisans towards an uncertain future …

SETU is associated with such artisans in Renwal, a small village about 40 kms from Jaipur. Creating thread jewelry is their traditional art, passed on from generation to generation and is practiced efficiently by both men & women. From years, they have been creating jewelry and small accessories in their traditional colors & designs. While they are deft in what they make, their products lack innovation & style. The sale is declining and the artisans are struggling for regular income.

SETU is trying to develop these artisans by helping them with new designs, contemporary colour schemes and alternate product ranges. To provide them with enhanced means of livelihood, they have been engaged in making tassels & strings for our latest range of handbags. They are also being geared up to develop funky laces that can be used in embellishing any product or accessory. SETU designers will be working with them for new product development, quality improvement & skill upgradation.

We have also included them in our artisan network and they are being provided with a marketing platform for exhibiting & marketing their products in the upcoming craft fair at Amritsar.

We hope these artisans would soon develop the necessary insight & confidence to spread their wings and achieve a sustainable economic growth.