Helping the flood victims of Godavari Delta Women Lace Artisans Co-operatve..

A lot of our women artisans, engaged in crotchet work for their livelihood, are based in the West Godavari District of Andhra Pradesh. The area is flood prone and every year a large number of families are affected by the devastating floods. Natives are trying to migrate to cities like Hyderabad and Chennai for better employment opportunities. In October 2019, the floods wreaked havoc and many artisan families were displaced. The artisan families were faced with inundated floods and lost their houses, personal belongings, everything…Left with nothing to survive on, they were forced to live in make-shift tents with lack of even the basic necessities like drinking water, food and hygienic surroundings.

The co-operative’s director contacted SETU and explained the whole situation, requesting for urgent help. In the past also, SETU has supported the group by conducting health & eye camps, providing sewing machines for the tailoring centers, awareness workshops and in the recent past have distributed sanitary napkins for free to create awareness about menstrual hygiene.

SETU team was grieved to know about the condition of people there, and immediately decided to support the artisan group. The flood victims were provided with free of cost food packets and groceries. In such conditions, the chances of spreading of diseases & epidemics also increase multifold. And so, personal care products like soaps, toothpaste, detergent, sanitary napkins etc. for maintaining good hygiene were also distributed. Not only the affected artisans but also their family members residing in nearby tents got benefited from our little token of help.. 🙂 A total of 72 artisan families were supported.