“Happy Workshop” for empowering the Differently-abled youth…

Gujarat, June-2023

SETU strives to empower the lives of the differently-abled so as to help them live with dignity and confidence.

Vocational training plays a crucial role in empowering special needs youth by skill development, fostering independence, overcoming societal barriers, and promoting social inclusion. By providing opportunities for personal and professional growth, vocational training enhances their overall well-being and helps them lead fulfilling lives.

And so, SETU has established a center/workshop for the divyang youth, in association with Vatsalya Foundation, Gujarat, where they can learn soap & candle making skills in a friendly and safe environment. In second stage, they will be trained on batik skills. This workshop will engage at least 10-20 divyang persons into livelihood earning activity. These include polio affected, visually impaired, hearing impaired & autistic girls & boys. A combination of physically challenged persons and persons with other needs can run the unit quite well. Other than SETU’s marketing platform, the produce from this workshop will be sold through different exhibitions, small outlets etc.. More persons can be engaged for marketing the production from this unit.

The infrastructure has been set up in such a way so that it is comfortable, simple and free of accidents/risks. This includes granite slab tables, tools, microwave oven, various types of molds, hot air gun, packaging machine etc.

A steady source of income can be assured for the artisans working in this unit by making items of day-to-day use, such as utility soaps and candles and batik bedsheets etc.  It will be an opportunity for many to live a dignified life.

In their words: “A big Thank you to “SETU” from all the happy souls from happy workshop. People always thought we were useless and a burden on the society. But thanks to you we have this beautiful place with lovely furniture set-up to learn new skills and work.” 

In fact, it is our privilege to be of some use to these special people.