Guiding the artisans for quality improvement – visit to jewellery making and wood carving artisans of Moradabad and Bijnor

(8-9 December 2010)

In an effort to implement our vision of overall artisan development, SETU team visited our jewellery making artisans at Moradabad and wood carving artisans of Bijnor.

Visit to Moradabad:

SETU team, consisting of team head Rashmi and product development manager Archna, visited the artisans. The group houses our jewellery making artisans. Our beautiful cuffs and earrings are made by this group. The process involves a lot of hardwork and determination but we were pleased to see that our artisans are doing a commendable job.

Majority of the artisans had poor education but are respectfully supporting their families, thanks to Fair Trade. However, children of almost all the artisans are receiving good education. Nasimji, their leader, told us that before getting introduced to Fair Trade the artisans were leading a miserable life as they had the expertise but didn’t know how to market their produce in order to make a living. Consequently, they were bound to lead a life full of hardships. Fair Trade has brought significant positive changes in their lives. Now, the artisans not only earn for themselves but have also become financially capable to support their families.

In the midst of interacting with artisans, SETU team member Archna inspected the quality of the jewellery and was quite satisfied with it. She gave them feedback on their workmanship & changes required. Desired improvements were incorporated. She was very happy to see that the artisans have made the exact designs; what we’re desired in the samples. This appears to be a good sign as the artisans now understand what the market wants and are able to make products according to the demand.