Green Marketing Session

(6 Dec. 2010)

“Going green is the need of the hour” was the topic of discussion in the Green Marketing Session. In the present scenario, where customers re not much aware about the green concept and therefore show less inclination to buy green products; green Marketing has a long way to go. The speakers stressed on the fact that the future of green marketing is entirely in the hands of youth; only they can bring changes in people’s perception.

Mr. David Wittenberg addressing the green marketing session and SETU team head Rashmi speaking at the Green Marketing Session.

SETU shared its views on “going green”. Rashmi Dhariwal said that SETU envisions of a “self sustainable green world”, a world free of poverty and suffering and discussed about the various activities which SETU is carrying out to achieve this long-term vision. She revealed the fact that SETU believes in an ecofriendly tomorrow pertaining to which all products at SETU are sustainable & eco-friendly. In her opinion, fears of climate change can be a history only when sustainable practices are followed with commitment.