Free Health Check up Camp

Venue: Reshampura Badnapura, Gwalior
(13th Feb 2011)

Healthcare is still a luxury for many! It sounds rather obsolete but is a hardcore reality!! Even the basic medical facilities are not available to some; here we are talking about the underprivileged and marginalized people who can’t afford the highly priced healthcare services and consequently suffer from various health ailments. Therefore, with a view to help them in this regard, on the 13th of February 2011, we organized a free health check up camp for the residents of Reshampura Badnapura, an area located on the outskirts of Gwalior. The beneficiaries of the camp were mostly female sex workers, artisans, and poor laborers.

This was the second time when SETU organized a health camp at Reshampura Badnapura; earlier also we have organized a HIV/AIDS awareness & free health camp here.

The underlying purpose of the camp was to provide basic healthcare for free to the underprivileged people who otherwise are devoid of it. This time around we made arrangements for tuberculosis testing also as it was found that people in the area are suffering from Tuberculosis and in absence of any proper testing and checkups their condition is aggravating with each passing day.

About one week before the camp, SETU team started doing the ground level work & community mobilization. We teamed up with some of the key people in the community and went door to door to make people aware about the camp. Also, SETU enquired about the health ailments from which people are suffering frequently in the area.

On 13th of February 2011, camp started early in the morning at around 10 am. All the testing and checkups were performed under the supervision of an expert team of doctors consisting of one pediatrician, one gynecologist, one general physician and one tuberculosis testing expert.

Following facilities were provided in the camp:

  • Free health check up
  • Free medicine distribution
  • Free DOTS/ Tuberculosis testing
  • Family planning awareness
  • Awareness about reproductive & child health issues
  • Counseling about sanitation and hygiene issues

Around 150 families consisting of 320 people, out of which 255 women and men and 65 children received free health check up.