Food and nutrition workshop

(7 April 2011)

On the occasion of “World Health Day”, a health and nutrition workshop was organized by SETU on 7th April 2011 at Huravali,Gwalior; for the residents of a slum area inhabited by people living below the poverty line. The workshop was conducted by Mr. L.R. Kaushal, social welfare manager at SETU.
The workshop was aimed at spreading awareness about healthy food practices and nutrition disorders like malnutrition, The session started with a brief overview on malnutrition, its ill effects and what can be done to prevent this disease.

Kaushal then asked the people about their eating habits i.e, what type of food they eat and in how much quantity. After listening, Kaushal told the audience about the typical ingredients of a balanced diet and revealed the fact that taking a balanced diet is the only cure to this nutritional disorder.
Pamphlets were distributed to the people specially designed at SETU to make them well aware of malnutrition and its consequences.

In the workshop, people were shown the ingredients of a balanced diet like fresh green leafy vegetables, seasonal fruits, pulses, and cereals. Arrangements were made to provide the people with nutritious food rich in proteins, carbohydrates, fat and all the essential vitamins.