Eye refraction camp-II for the artisans of Tilonia

Venue: Tilonia, Rajasthan
(20 December 2010)

As part of our efforts to provide artisans with basic medical facilities, last month on 20th December 2010, another eye refraction camp was organized for our women artisans at Tilonia. Tilonia is a place of traditional craft where people practice embroidery, stitching and similar craft work requiring intense use of eyes. With increasing age, artisans’ eyes become vulnerable to various eye ailments like short sightedness, glaucoma, general eye weakness etc.; this not only affects their health but also adversely affects their work leading to extended work hours which means more work and less wages. Basic eye treatment can solve the problem to a great extent but most of the artisans lack the awareness & funds for proper eye care and medical check up. Therefore, with a view to aid the artisans for eye care, we organized an eye refraction camp in association with health department, barefoot college social work and research centre, Tilonia.
In the camp, expert ophthalmologist Dr. M.S. Gaur from Gaur clinic, Ajmer was present along with technician Mr. Dinesh Kumar and optician Mr. Rajesh Khanna. All the testing and checkups were carried out under their supervision.

Following facilities were provided in the camp:

  • Free eye check up
  • Free medicine distribution
  • Free of cost spectacles to those with weak eyesight
  • Expert advice on regular maintenance of eyes

A total of 179 artisans (mostly women) were treated in the camp.

As a measure to check the eyesight of artisans after getting lenses, they were asked to put thread in the needle as this being a part of their work. Most of them performed the task successfully and felt that with lenses they will now be able to do their work more efficiently than earlier.