Evening literacy classes for underprivileged women artisans

SETU endeavours organising of development & growth oriented workshops and programs for the sustainable and overall development of the artisan groups. In the series, evening literacy classes were organized for the underprivileged women artisans of Gajsingh Pura, Jaipur.

These women belong to the tailoring & construction labor community. Some women do tailoring whereas some are laborers and housewives while their husbands do the tailoring work. These artisans come from underprivileged and downtrodden sections of the society and most of them are completely illiterate.

On discussions with the women, SETU team found that they are eager to learn and become educated! They aspire for all their children to go to school and to even enable themselves to help the kids with the homework.. They themselves realize that education would lead them & their families to empowerment.As many of the women artisans are bread earners of the family, therefore; it was decided to hold evening classes for them. To make the classes accessible, SETU is organizing the classes completely free of cost. An experienced teacher has been appointed for the classes. In addition to the teacher fee, books and study raw material are also being sponsored by SETU. The course curriculum has been set up as per guidelines from elderly education centre & NIOS.

About 14 women are regularly enrolled in the classes.
These evening learning classes are successfully running since 25th of November 2014 and will continue for at least one year and would be extended as per the need and interest of women.

The women are enjoying the classes and picking up really well. Some have already learnt enough to read the daily newspapers! They feel proud to be able to read and write now and look forward to clear the board examinations some day!