Establishing two new Education centres for the illiterate women artisans..

SETU works for the upliftment and holistic empowerment of the underprivileged and downtrodden sections of the society, focussing especially on the disadvantaged women artisans. Many women have to deal with poverty and social stigma, and are still unable to break the vicious cycle as they are illiterate and lack awareness about their rights and options.

SETU develops vocational skills among such women to enable them earn livelihood for themselves & their families. To further make them aware and confident, there is a need to make them literate enough so that they can read & write. SETU has come up with Literacy centres for its artisan groups in the past to promote education among them. This not only opens new avenues of employment for them but also enables them to live a better life.. In the series, 2 new education centres were established for the women artisans of Tankarda (near Chomu) and Hasanpura, Jaipur, in July 2016. These women artisans are engaged in Kantha embroidery, making tassels & decoratives etc. for SETU as part of our livelihood generation initiatives.

SETU team worked hard to establish these centres and initiated the community mobilization process for about 2 weeks. SETU volunteers explained the importance of education and convinced the women artisans to come to the centre and participate in the learning process. Expert teachers have been appointed for the education centres. The participating young girls and women artisans are in the age group of 15-45 years.

Literacy center at Tankarda..

Literacy Center at Hasanpura, Jaipur..