Dolls & Toys Distribution – Mercy Kits

SETU distributed dolls and toys to children in different orphanages in India. Most of these kids are girls. This is a sad reality in India & many Asian countries, where families rejoice when a boy is born but mourn the birth of a girl. Many kids have suffered from malnutrition or severe illness since before they got there. This has affected them to the point where they have permanent physical or mental disabilities. Overall, the orphanages don’t have enough resources to support many children, especially ones that need extra medical care and good nourishment.

In the past, we have purchased big-sized Candy dolls that can wrap their hands around the kids, for the girls, and cuddly Winnie the Pooh Teddy dolls for the small boys. Older boys got Laser Tops and pull-back cars, and the infants got rotating musical toys. “The children were ecstatic to have them, especially since the brand new and fresh, colorful dolls were uncommon for them,” comments Rashmi Dhariwal, President SETU Society. In addition to the toys, we gave the children ice-creams, biscuit packs and bananas.

The greatest challenge the kids face is that of being placed in a safe home. Many of them are just “dumped” by their parents at the orphanages when they are very young, without any legal papers. The parents may come back, even years later, and demand them back. The orphanage authorities cannot afford to fall victims of any legal/controversial cases, so they have to give them back to the parents.