Developing the craft skills of artisans- Trainer for artisans development

Developing the craft skills of artisans – Trainer for artisans development (November 2010)

Artisans are experts in their various traditional art forms but sometimes lack efficiency in design skills, especially for contemporary & functional product development and need training to upgrade them. Keeping in view this fact, we at SETU has appointed a master trainer to develop the design skills of our artisans.

Mr. Sunit Dutt is a master designer and has got years of experience in cutting & tailoring for large export houses. He has already started working with our partner artisans at Amar Jyoti Delhi and in a short period of time has come up with positive results. He managed to bring the fabric consumption in bags down by 40% without any change in the design but only by teaching them ingenious methods of fabric cutting. He is teaching the artisans to cut economically & ingeniously and is also working to improve their stitching techniques.