Design workshop for artisans of Bijnour

(October 2010)

Design is the soul of a product. Updating artisans with contemporary trends in designs is essential for creating / maintaining the demand of a product among customers. This not only enables the artisan to make products in accordance with customers taste but also introduces them to latest techniques in the marketplace which is necessary for their overall development. With this view a design workshop was organized with our partner group HSSS in Bijnour , U.P.

The entire workshop was carried out over a span of two months with a total of 240 artisans registering their presence.

Artisans got in-depth lessons on the art of brass inlay and woodcarving from expert trainers. A total of 8 trainers attended the workshop out of which two were sent from Gwalior (M.P.)

In the workshop, artisans were given first hand tips on carving a product along with the know-how of designing. The techniques of brass inlay were explained. Throughout the workshop artisans were kept abreast of the latest trends in the marketplace in terms of designing. It was a very overwhelming experience as artisans want more such workshops to be organized in the future.