Design & Skill Upgradation Training for our Wood Carving Artisans…

Venue: Nagina, Bijnor, U.P.
Date: January 22-25, 2013

SETU is associated with a number of wood carving artisans who create beautiful products for us. For majority of them, wood carving is their traditional skill being practiced from ages and they are quite dexterous in crafting regular designs. However to stay abreast in these times of competition, they need to sharpen their skills in adapting new & more functional designs. This is where the need is to amalgamate the creativity of designers with the skill of the craftsmen.

To enhance the design creativity of some of our wood carving artisans in a small village near Bijnor, UP, SETU designers conducted a design workshop from 22-25th January 2013. The purpose of the three-day training program was to update the artisans on the requirements & expectations of global customers, and how to develop new products incorporating improved functionality and quality standards. The main focus was to develop complex yet functional designs in a simplified way.

The artisans were explained the importance of different design elements, the intricacies needed & the quality aspects. They were practically shown the various problems that customers face when a product lacks small but necessary features.

The training was a learning experience both for the artisans as well as our designers. The designers could learn tips on solving practical problems & feasibility.

We hope to conduct more such programs for skill upgradation of our artisans in the months to come…