Creating AIDS awareness among youth

Youth are the present and future, they are the ones who can bring an era of change. Therefore it is very important for them to be aware about AIDS. India is a conservative society where children are not given proper education on STDs like AIDS. Whatever knowledge they gain is from the outer world like from their friends, media etc. but this information is not sufficient as it may create confusions on the topic rather than clarify the doubts. SETU realized this fact and organized an interactive session on AIDS awareness. This event took place in the campus of Jiwaji University, among the students of M.B.A wing. Dr. Yogesh Upadhyay (head of the Department) along with the faculty contributed a lot in organizing the sessions. The interactive session was delivered by the president of the Society, Mrs. Rashmi Dhariwal.

Few minutes before the session, red ribbon logo badges were distributed among the students to create a platform and make them a part of the campaign against AIDS.

Myths related to AIDS were set to rest in the young minds who gathered there and enthusiastically participated in a Quiz- cum- dialogue on related issues. The session was aimed to spread awareness among the young people and to increase acceptance in the attitude of sensible youth of modern era for HIV/AIDS victims.

Beside AIDS and HIV awareness, other health related topics like` thalassemia’ were also discussed.

The interactive session was followed by the quizzes along with the prizes, which consisted of the Fair Trade best seller items of the Year. Prizes are distributed to several students for motivating the participation in the session.