Construction of work sheds for the bell making artisans…
Capacity building initiative by SETU

SETU Society is continually committed for capacity building of their artisans in various spheres. To achieve overall development of the artisans, we organize workshops for their skill development, market readiness, physical wellbeing, awareness on critical issues and many other areas. In addition to this, we also support them by providing infrastructural help as and when needed.

Many of our artisans belong to the Luhar community and reside in the remote villages of Bhuj district, namely Kunaria, Zura and Nirona and are enagaged in the making of beautiful and sonorous copper bells since ages. It is an ancestral craft form of the artisan community. Bell making is a laborious craft and requires a lot of hard work and time to make quality product. Many artisans even lack a proper work shed and have to endure the strong sun, wind & rain to work for their livelihood.

With more and more artisans picking up this craft form and joining the SETU network for their livelihood, the need to support such artisans became important. And so SETU decided to sponsor work sheds for all the artisans in need. With the help of Khamir, who co-ordinated the ground work for the project, proper work sheds were installed for the needy artisans. A total of 24 work sheds were installed so that a large no of artisans can now use them to work under safe and comfortable conditions, without having to withstand the harsh atmospheric conditions.. 🙂

Work sheds & roofs upon completion, sponsored by SETU: