Computer Training Centre for our wood carving artisans & their families..

Making Computer Education accessible to the artisans.. SETU focuses on the overall development of artisan groups and organizes a wide spectrum of need based development programs on a regular basis. One of the long term objectives of SETU is to make computer education accessible to the artisan groups & their families residing in remote village areas. Evidently, in today’s fast paced world, having the knowledge of computers is very essential in every field of work. Without computer knowledge, a person feels handicapped even if he/she is proficient in his/her area of expertise. In present era, be it any field, majority of the work requires the use of computers in some way or the other. Therefore, SETU strives to make the artisans & their families computer literate so that they do not lag behind in the present technological times and can use the knowledge in exploring new avenues for themselves and be at par with the changing world.

To fulfil this objective, SETU has established a computer training centre for our wood carving artisans & their families at Qaziwala village.

Our wood carving artisans are located in a remote village that does not have any computer centres or cyber cafes. Only primary education is accessible here. The artisans have to send their children to nearby towns in order to gain higher secondary education. The village also faces an acute shortage of electricity with only 4 hours supply of power per day! 4 hours in the day for one week followed by 4 hours in the night for other week.. This shows how difficult life is in that part of the world!

The centre has been started the premises of a local school. The school authorities have been very helpful and will monitor & support the centre by arranging qualified computer teachers & maintaining the centre..

The village people have shown great support in setting up & making the centre functional. The local people are ecstatic with the establishment of the computer centre as now their children can also learn computers and that too in their own village..