Computer Literacy Centre for under privileged girls…

Khorda dist., Odisha
Jan-23 till running….

After the world emerged from the depths of COVID pandemic, the significance of computer literacy has become more evident than ever before. It has accelerated the transformation of education, making computer literacy indispensable for all. Online classes, digital resources, and collaborative platforms have become the new norm.

By equipping underprivileged girls with computer skills, we break down the barriers that hinder their progress. Access to technology becomes a gateway to knowledge, skills, and countless opportunities, allowing them to dream big and carve their own paths. Also, when these girls gain computer literacy, they become agents of change within their communities. Armed with knowledge, they inspire others, break cycles of poverty, and pave the way for a brighter future.

And so, in pursuit of equality and empowerment, SETU has established a computer literacy set up for the under-privileged rural women & girls, in association with DSS, Odisha.

The establishment consists of 5 desktop computers, tables, chairs and other accessories. The girls selected are either drop outs from colleges or pursuing 10+2 and +3 in college. They all belong to economically backward communities. The training will cover various computer fundamental courses like Paint and Note pad, Ms word, Excel, Power point, internet browsing etc. The girls will get the basic computer skills which will help them to take up job oriented advanced courses like PG-DCA, DTP, Tally etc.

In second stage, advanced job-oriented courses will be introduced on demand. The plan is to make it a learning as well as career counselling and placement centre for girls and women artisans. The aim is to provide them with computer literacy as well as job-oriented courses within their easy reach. This will highly increase the chances of employability and generate awareness.