Community development for Artisans at “Jagnapura Laghedi”

an urban slum at Gwalior
(2nd Feb 2011)

Life is sometimes too harsh for some people. Food and water which are life’s basic necessities are not an easy affair for many. This is true for the people of Jagnapura Laghedi, an urban slum at Gwalior where SETU team made a visit.

The sole source of income for the residents here is embroidery on sarees which women of the family do from their homes. The male members work on daily wages and do not earn regularly. Consequently, it’s the art which makes the houses run.

It takes about 100-150 Rs. in doing embroidery on one saree, involving two mandays, out of which the artisans get only 50-60 Rs. as the remaining amount goes in buying raw materials for the work.

Artisans here do not have any loan facility available from the government; this is a matter of serious concern as many artisans said they need loans to start a new venture and wish to send their children to school with the money. Another area of grave concern is the fact that most of the houses don’t have any built-in toilets, in the absence of which people have to face inconvenience.

SETU is trying to provide the artisans with vocational training so that they can become self sustainable & increase their earning. Also, efforts are being made to create Self Help Groups (SHGs) among the community for their overall development. This will not only aid them economically but also generate self-confidence in them.