Celebration of International day of elimination of violence against women

(November 27, 2011)
Venue: Mayur Nagar, Thatipur and “Family counselling Centre”Gwalior(M.P.)

SETU organized a local community meeting with women residing at Thatipur, Gwalior (M.P.) to draw attention to ‘eliminate violence against women’. These women belonged to the vulnerable section of society. Mr. L R Kaushal & Ms Gulmohar Matta (SETU team members) discussed the impact of this on the mental structure on women as well as on their children. They also enlightened them about some ways & solutions that can be thought off. Reasons on why the women are forced to suffer were discussed in details. Some of the points discussed were:

  • How apprehension of speaking out and confronting the society makes her suffer more.
  • Motivation to share and speak about what’s going wrong with one self or perhaps in one’s neighborhood.
  • To stand against such violence and those people who are committing crime
  • The ill effects on family members, etc.
  • How to seek professional help and support available from various Govt. & Non-Govt. Agencies.

SETU team also visited “Council Centre” Gwalior to interview some brave women who had guts to be bold enough to fight with their problems. These women are now combating for their rights and the government organizations are helping them with their court cases, schooling, clothing, and food along with training them to learn vocational trades so that they can be self-sustainable. SETU hopes to provide them with livelihood opportunities to make them self-sustainable.