Celebrating World Fair Trade Day -2022 !

On the occasion of World Fair Trade Day, a workshop was conducted at our Jaipur training centre for underprivileged women. Objective of the workshop was to spread awareness about the concept of Fair trade, how it is helping the artisan community to earn fair wages for their craft form & empowering them to carve a life of dignity for themselves.

The workshop was attended by our fellow women artisans, practising various craft forms like embroidery, handwork & tailoring. A total of 18 women artisans were present in the session.

Session started with team member Mr. L.R. Kaushal explaining the fundamentals & principles of the Fair-Trade business model. All principles of Fair Trade were explained. Special emphasis was laid on how to calculate product cost and labour rate. Discussions were done on the importance of child education and how women can stay aware of their rights.

SETU designer Ms. Prachi also presided the workshop and threw light on the basics of product design. Importance of maintaining quality and reducing rejections was also discussed. She also explained about the latest design trends in the overseas market as SETU provides a platform to the artisans for selling their product in the external market.

This Fair Trade workshop was another such attempt to spread the word about Fair Trade & make more artisans be a part of this great movement.