Celebrating World Environment Day..
Supporting Green Processes by underprivileged artisan groups..

SETU is committed to support ecofriendly products and processes. For this, we support & encourage artisan groups to manufacture products using recyclable & sustainable raw materials and thus contribute towards reducing our carbon footprints.

One such group is a women’s Self Help Group based near Bharatpur, Rajasthan. SETU has trained these women to create beautiful bags, multipurpose doormats, rugs and baskets from used textiles & saree fabrics, jute and worn out cloth rags. We provide a marketing platform to the group for selling their products and also help them in designing products that cater to the target market. The women of the group belong to economically weaker sections of the society and have to support their families.

On the apt occasion of World Environment day, supporting the indomitable spirit and the green cause of the underprivileged artisan group, we sponsored advanced sewing machines and requisite raw materials to the group. The artisans were very happy with the support provided by SETU. They told our team that they were forced to use the old worn out machines since a very long time but the new machines will make a tremendous difference in upgrading their quality & will remove limitations in new product development. They were grateful to SETU for making their work easier & advanced.

At SETU, we are very happy to do our bit for environmental sustainability and recycling productivity, at the same time aiding women self employment ..