Celebrating International Women’s day 2021 at SETU

In today’s scenario, when everything is virtual and online and just a click away, being computer savvy is an essential need. A lot of underprivileged & poor women are forced to take a back seat due to lack of computer knowledge.  The anxiety and fear associated with the lack of computer awareness is even more detrimental for them.

And so, on the apt occasion of International Women’s Day, a Computer Training Center was started by SETU for the women artisans of a self-help group based at Sanjay Nagar slum area of Jaipur, Rajasthan.  The SHG center provides employment to women artisans who make sustainable and recycled products like bags, pouches, hair accessories etc.

Sanjay Nagar slum area is located adjacent to posh colonies. It is majorly inhabited by underprivileged women who work as domestic house helps in the nearby houses and are mostly illiterate or have received only primary education. They support their families by doing various odd jobs and find it hard to secure even two square meals a day! This initiative would help the poor women based in the area who mainly work as daily wage laborers, as house helps and are illiterate but wish to learn new skills. Learning computer skills will not only boost their self-confidence, but will also open new options for them. In addition, basic literacy classes have also been started for them, where completely illiterate women can learn how to read and write.

The women are super enthusiastic to learn computer skills and reading/writing. Contrary to our initial concerns, they adapted to the trainings so quickly like ducks take to water! A refreshing and pleasant outcome of our endeavor J

The Self Help Group was initiated and set up by SETU to train these women with different skills and enable them to earn dignified livelihood. SETU not only provides them skill development trainings and machinery, but also raw materials and market opportunities.

It is a small step towards making these women financially independent and holistically empowering them in all spheres of their lives..