Celebrating Fair Trade month “Carry the torch forward”

(21 October 2010)


October being a Fair Trade month is special for all Fair Traders. Throughout this month, series of activities took place at SETU. Recent being our workshop session titled “Carry the torch forward”. Underlying purpose for choosing this theme was to spread the word Fair Trade among the youth; as despite being a sustainable and ethical business concept, Fair Trade is not known to many, especially today’s youth who are more than willing to do something useful for the society but are not aware of it. With these views, a workshop was organized at ITM Universe, a premier management institute at Gwalior. Going with the theme, the audience consisted of young management graduates. Our team head Rashmi started the session by throwing light on the basics of Fair Trade along with the opportunities in this sector; the ifs and buts, pros and cons, everything which lies at the core of it, was delivered. As the session gained momentum, students showed more & more interest in Fair Trade. Some interactive puzzles & quizzes were also incorporated to make the session more indulging. At the end, eco-friendly bags made from recycled stuff were given away as prizes to those who got the solutions right. To sum up, it was a very good experience as students seem to be showing interest in this brilliant concept; even some are considering it as their career option!! We will be doing our best possible for them.