Candle making workshop for underprivileged youth & women…
A livelihood generation initiative by SETU….

Date: 23rd July 2023
Location – Lakshyam NGO, Garib basti, Delhi                       

There are many run-away young boys & girls, who can often be seen on the sides of signals and on streets scavenging through disposed-off tires, plastic bottles and other garbage. This is more prominent in bigger cities where the lure of a glamorous life forces many kids to migrate or run from their homes. Most end up in slums.

Vocational skills can play a crucial role in fostering self-reliance, particularly for such people in economically disadvantaged situations. These can provide economic opportunities, self-esteem & confidence, encourage entrepreneurship, and contribute to personal well-being.

Therefore, SETU sponsored a candle making vocational workshop for underprivileged youth and women residing in a slum of Delhi, in association with Lakshyam NGO. The aim of conducting the workshop was to empower them to take control of their lives and contribute meaningfully to their communities.

During the introductory session of the training workshop, participants were informed about the market demand for candles and how this skill could be utilized to generate income. They were also introduced to the basic raw materials required for candle making, which included wax, wicks/threads, colors, perfumes, aroma oils, and different types of molds that can be used for creating various candle shapes.

They developed different types of candle wax; including soy wax. The session covered various types of candles as per functionality, and the step-by-step process was demonstrated.

The training as conducted under the guidance of Ms. Brijbala along with her fellow women team from Shri Balaji products.

In addition to the trainers & Lakshyam team, there were  dedicated volunteers and mentors who made this event possible, imparting their knowledge and creativity to inspire the young minds. We believe that such initiatives can contribute to the empowerment and development of the not- so- privileged women, paving the way for a brighter and more sustainable future.