Beauty Parlor Training course for Underprivileged Women… A livelihood generation initiative for women…

SETU continually endeavors for holistic development of underprivileged & marginalized women. To achieve women empowerment, it is important to focus on economic independence, literacy and self-confidence of women. We are running several initiatives in the form of Training workshops and awareness programs like tailoring & other handicraft skills’ upgradation, livelihood opportunities, capacity building, literacy classes, computer trainings, awareness workshops and so on…The main motto is to enhance their capabilities, make them self-dependent, create role models, and improve their morale so that they are able to participate in the decision-making process for their families, specially when it comes to their kids’ futures. Only then, these underprivileged women will be able to break the shackles of oppression and exploitation and get their due respect in the Society.

To achieve this mission further, SETU started a 2-month long Beauty Parlor Training Course for Women, in association with Kulsum’s Kaya Kalp Herbals. This is a very renowned Salon, with numerous branches in Rajasthan. They deployed their best trainers for this project! It was be a certificate-oriented course that would help these women gain more professional credibility. These young women very eagerly grabbed the techniques and even before the completion of the course, one could feel them transforming into skilled beauticians! The batch consisted of 16 young women, in the age group of 17 to 30 years, all from poor financial background & living in the nearby slum areas. Almost 50% of these girls were school drop outs, with no knowledge of any other vocational skills. The entire training was provided free of cost to these women.

The main aim of this project was to develop entrepreneurial skills along with well-trained beauticians who can also work in other established large salons. With the spread of pandemic and frequent lockdowns, lots of online app-based salon services have also become quite popular who provide home based services to clients. This has created a large market gap and thus more work opportunities for upcoming beauticians.

After the completion of the course, many women got employed in renowned salons of Jaipur and a few have become entrepreneurs by starting their own small home-based beauty parlors. SETU feels proud of these women and hopes to conduct more such workshops in future!