A step forward towards preserving the environment

Pollution prevention day is observed annually on 2nd December with a motive to create awareness on environment related issues. SETU, going by its green policy, observed this day by holding a workshop among the management students of Jiwaji University, Gwalior. The session started with a power packed presentation by our President Rashmi, explaining the various contributors in polluting the environment.

The highlight of the presentation was solving environmental issues through fair Trade. Many topics were discussed like Greenhouse effect, climate change, recycling of products and the like. Several quizzes were set in between the session to increase student participation and for monitoring the level of awareness present in the students about the environment. Students were asked in advance to bring at least one practical tip to prevent pollution, a day before. Several green prizes were given for the best tips and the quiz winners.

The students were suggested to adopt the “Go Green” lifestyle. The advice was accepted by students with open arms. They committed to plan some green activities in close association with SETU society along with the campaign of promoting green living.