Unstoppable Women Initiative : A women empowerment campaign in association with NDTV & UBER…

This campaign with SETU has been sponsored by NDTV & UBER. It aims at celebrating the resilience of Unstoppable Women. Issues of commute leave a large number of under-privileged women out of the ambit of skill training as well as employment. Through this campaign, we want to honour the women who are fighting the odds each day, by supporting them with safe and easy travel, while also inspiring others to move towards their dreams and aspirations.

Through this campaign we will provide Uber Auto Free Ride coupons to several women, who can use it for 3-6 months, starting October 2022 to reach their training centres, jobs, or to any places that empower them or any place where they act as impact catalysts.

About 100 women associated with SETU have been provided a three-month conveyance fund, worth around Rs 25,000, in the form of UBER vouchers.

A heartfelt gratitude to NDTV & UBER for making this possible! Truly a women empowerment initiative!