Pottery: Dance On Wheel..

Pottery is an age-old art in India. Artisans use a potter’s wheel, handmade mold, or their hands to shape natural clay into beautiful pieces of art. Our pottery collection includes various ancient forms, from rustic Terracotta to the delicately hand painted Blue Pottery of Jaipur. Pottery is considered to be of yogic nature & a mystical trade because it incorporates five vital elements of nature: air, fire, earth, water, and space. This art leaves no carbon footprints.

This art dates back all the way to the Bronze Age to the Indus Valley civilization. Every region of India has their own native form of pottery craft. To support local artisans, we currently partner with three groups in Rajasthan, consisting of a combined 60-70 artisans. All of these groups are from rural areas that are well connected to urban markets by highways.

The Blue Pottery group uses advanced techniques to glaze and fire pottery at high temperatures reaching 850 degrees celsius. Their geometric designs are inspired by regional flora and fauna. Our Terracotta co-operative partners carry on an ancient legacy. They use just local clay & manual wheels to create magic out of nothing!

SETU has helped in upgrading these crafts to international standards. A lot of research & support has been provided to develop lead free Blue pottery so as to safeguard the health of artisans. Infrastructural support has been sponsored to artisans like refractory grade kilns & stands.

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