Crotchet: The Intricate Art of Thread Interlocking..

The only tool needed for crochet is a simple hooked needle and thread, yet the intricate patterns can have a basic mathematical structure that express delicacy and beauty. Using a hook, artisans interlock thread loops into beautiful, desired products. Our crochet partners live in the West Godavari delta region. This craft was introduced in south India in the middle of the 19th century to provide employment to poor and dalit (the so-called low caste) women.

Our partner artisans belong to a women’s community co-operative. About 100 women crochet our products, mostly from their homes. The co-operative focuses on economic development and artisan training. This group provides education, savings and loan programs, and promotes anti-dowry advocacy.

SETU supports the group by sponsoring various skill training workshops, sponsoring sewing machines, conducting free health & eye check up camps, conducting health & hygiene campaigns & so on.

Pl scroll below to check the products made by these artisans.